Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Mannequin Mask: SFD, Window Mannequins & Hans Boodt, Euroshop, Dusseldorf

Mannequin mask's made a big presence at Euroshop in Dusseldorf this year. Arty Wigs produced asymmetric make up and wigs for SFD mannequins with dual faces, Window-Mannequins wow'd us with interchangeable faces and features transforming different mannequin components whilst Hans Boodt mannequins featured robotic body parts with a selection of inspirational masks tapping into the desired personalisation. This trend is fuelling the demand for flexibility of changing mannequin components along with customization.

SFD, Euroshop, Dusseldorf
Window Mannequins, Euroshop, Dusseldrof (Image Courtesy Steve Cook) 

Window Mannequins, Euroshop, Dusseldorf
Hans Boodt, Euroshop, Dusseldorf

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