Friday, 15 February 2013

The Year of the Snake: Harrods, London

You can see these powerful colour theme windows from afar as you approach into the designer shopping hub of Knightsbridge, London. The glowing with hot pinks, reds and giant over-sized snake rattling through a sequence of multiple windows. The beauty of this window scheme is the continuity and eastern style simplicity, each window follows onto the next but plays out a different scene from the show. Welcoming the new year in on display are Chinese cherry blossom mannequin head dressings and eastern tattoo inspired graphic vinyls, these windows carry an elaborate visual quality of desired visual merchandising.

Harrods, London - Chinese New Year, snake 

Harrods, London - Chinese New Year, Rootstein Mannequin with make up

Harrods, London - Chinese New Year, Chinese cherry blossom head dress

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