Thursday, 3 January 2013

Foliage: Anthropologie, Macy's, Ippolita, Cofrad Mannequins,

We all like being surrounded by nature; research shows customers are more likely to spend time in public spaces providing natural light or natural features, it must be human instinct. A return to greenery is a trend seen within the coolest store interiors hence it makes a big comeback for 2013. The more green leafy type of foliage the better; think moss, ferns, grass, giant leaves and living walls. Bring the outside in!

ABC Carpet & Home, NYC - Moss lined trays to display wooden dining collections, mixed with industrial metal wired props 

Ippolita, Madison Ave NYC - this new kid on the block jewellery brand experiment with a landscape of foliage framing the entire window focal piece. 

Macy's, Herald Square NYC - Shoe focal point with live plants under glass domes with metal bases

Macy's, Herald Square NYC - Shoe focal point, distressed mirrors complete the look by reflecting the table displays
Cofrad Mannequin Showroom NYC - feature foliage focal points, dried hydrangeas 

Anthropologie NYC - Dip dyed leaves suspended by gold thread. A simple example compared to the living wall in the brands Regent Street store, London. 

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