Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Watching the wonderful Christmas retail store window trends in NYC this winter has been an absolute delight! One of the main visual merchandising trends coming through the luxury retail sector right now is kaleidoscopic...using multiple reflections which produce ever changing patterns of light and colours. Multicoloured, intense and totally mesmerising!

Bergdorf Goodman NYC 5th Avenue - Wonderful use of mirrors, lights and 1920's Art Deco styling

Louis Vuitton - NYC 5th Avenue - radiating fan shapes with shoes positioned in perfect symmetry to form part of this reflective pattern

SAK'S NYC, 5th Avenue - animated puppets with kaleidoscopic projections displayed within quirky metallic geometric shaped boxes form a narrative of windows based on children making snow.

Urban Outfitters, NYC, 5th Avenue - layers of flags suspended from the ceiling with coloured lights and reflective backdrop

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