Monday, 31 December 2012

Looking Back on 2012: John Lewis Olympics, Desigual & Louis Vuitton with Yayoi Kusama at Selfridges London

Well its been quite a year in our London retail stores with a plethora of national celebrations!! The Queens Diamond Jubilee and Olympics significantly turned our high street windows into colourful street parties. Good British humour and creativity splurged London's west end stores, with entertaining window schemes and top class visual merchandising. There's definitely too many to mention but here's my favourites for you to enjoy...
John Lewis, Oxford Street London -  Exterior Olympic hoarding took over the entire building 

Selfridges, London - Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, typical British humour!

Selfridges, London - Jubilee Celebrations, typical British humour!
Desigual, Regent Street London - Live interactive windows, offering artist customization to any product 

Desigual, Regent Street London - Live interactive windows, offering artist customization to any product

Louis Vuitton collaborates with artist Yayoi Kusama launching a concept store at Selfridges, London - September 2012

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Universe: ABC Carpet & Home, Top Shop, Artiza

One interesting visual merchandising trend emerging in retail stores is quite literally universal. There is a fresh take on the 'outer space' trend on the streets of New York and ABC Carpet and Home store fiercely out shadow the rest! Playing with the dimensions and perspectives of space within the window perimeters whilst generating spectrum's of night sky colours complete with magic star dust, the visual effect is like a chemistry explosion. Topshop have opted for a less creative interpretation (but easy to roll out into their 300+ stores) and Canadian fashion brand Artiza have brought together the earth and planet theme within their 13,000 square-foot Fifth Avenue flagship boutique in Manhattan, this brand is definitely one to watch. 
ABC Carpet & Home, NYC

ABC Carpet & Home, NYC

Top Shop, NYC

Artiza, 5th Ave, NYC - Store Interior

Saturday, 29 December 2012

White on White: Ralph Lauren, Anthropologie, ABC & Bergdorf Goodman

Ralph Lauren Madison Ave NYC
As this is the last Christmas post here on TrendVM I have saved some of the best images of Christmas displays to share with you. My ultimate winter windows this year are at Ralph Lauren's Madison Ave New York flagship store; the props, styling and dressing is utterly flawless as these windows transport instant glamour and escapism. At Anthropologie and Bergdorf Goodman without the use of colour these simplistic white winter windows cleverly play on the different textural elements mixed with multiple layers of light and transparencies.
Bergdorf Goodman, NYC - white fringes and feathers!

Anthropologie, Times Square NYC - white paper windows

ABC Carpet & Home, NYC -  mystical snow dust and bulb shaped lights

Friday, 28 December 2012

Gold: Michael Kors, Henri Bendel, Mulberry, Burberry

As we fast approach a new year, it would wrong of me not to feature the colour gold on trendvm; presented in so many different forms this season (as shown below), gold is of the most luxurious and extravagant metallic tones...from sophisticated gold leaf panels and evening dresses virtually melting away at Michael Kors to the giant gold tinselled tree at Henri Bendel in New York; gold shimmers through this over sized focal point in the store which you can not miss, show stopping stuff!

Michael Kors, NYC

Mulberry, Bond Street London

Henri Bendel, NYC

Burberry, Bond Street, London

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Magic Windows

Merry Christmas everyone! Magic themed store window displays are popping up both in New York and in London town this season. Formal wear retailer Thomas Pink has opted for the literal interpretation of bunny in a hat with tailored bust forms dressed playing magic tricks. Diesel has printed playing card character motif wigs. Whilst the beautiful Bergdorf Goodman has cast their holiday windows under a spell of magical luxury and glamour as part of the Follies scheme complete with 1920's audience black and white backdrop.
Thomas Pink - NYC, Festive Magic Scheme

Bergdorf Goodman - NYC, The beautiful 'Follies' Scheme

Diesel - NYC, Industrial styled magic show scheme

Diesel - NYC, Industrial styled magic show scheme with card motif wigs

Friday, 21 December 2012

Window Handwriting

Signatures are popping up all over town, handwritten messages and designs are embellishing the Christmas windows as we speak. Totally understated urban cool; this trend is expected to make a big come back in 2013. Doodling, etching and sketching is driving an individual bespoke appearance which is about being more local than global.

Maison Martin Margiela, NYC - snowball painted windows

Maison Martin Margiela, NYC - snowball painted windows

Urban Outfitters, Oxford Street London - hand etched windows

Bond, NYC - hand painted holiday windows

De Beers, NYC - etched frosting

DKNY, 5th Ave NYC - Handwritten pen messages

John Smedley, Brook Street London - Ice and frosting with signature lettering

Christmas Garlands

Wreaths made from a wide spectrum of materials such as paper, up cycled plastic and even shoes are dressing the winter retail windows in NYC this Christmas. Some very creative wreath ideas emerging from fashion store 'Any Old Iron' on Lower East Side Manhattan in NYC, here children's plastic toy figures have been sprayed white and grouped in a frame like way - reversing the traditional symbolic Christmas wreath idea into something completely different.
David Yurman - NYC - paper chain wreath

J.Crew NYC - wreaths made from green paper labels

Any Old Iron, NYC - Plastic toy figures sprayed white 

Any Old Iron - NYC

Converse NYC - Wreath made from Converse trainers and drip painted white

Derek Lam - NYC, up cycled plastic wreath

Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Watching the wonderful Christmas retail store window trends in NYC this winter has been an absolute delight! One of the main visual merchandising trends coming through the luxury retail sector right now is kaleidoscopic...using multiple reflections which produce ever changing patterns of light and colours. Multicoloured, intense and totally mesmerising!

Bergdorf Goodman NYC 5th Avenue - Wonderful use of mirrors, lights and 1920's Art Deco styling

Louis Vuitton - NYC 5th Avenue - radiating fan shapes with shoes positioned in perfect symmetry to form part of this reflective pattern

SAK'S NYC, 5th Avenue - animated puppets with kaleidoscopic projections displayed within quirky metallic geometric shaped boxes form a narrative of windows based on children making snow.

Urban Outfitters, NYC, 5th Avenue - layers of flags suspended from the ceiling with coloured lights and reflective backdrop