Saturday, 23 December 2017

Escapism: Gucci, Barneys & Tiffany & Co, New York 2017

The intergalactic travel theme continues in retail stores this Christmas, escapism plays a big part in the creative and imaginary worlds projected between utopian landscapes and the starry universe. We love Gucci's mannequin space head bubbles, Tiffany’s' beautiful underwater scenes and night constellations. Inside Barneys charitable collaboration with Haas Brothers, Elliot Blanchard and digital technology by Christies; it's all about untouched future worlds, creating peace, bounty and decadence. 
Gucci, 5th Avenue, New York: Christmas 2017
Barneys, Madison Avenue, New York: Christmas Utopias
Barneys, Madison Avenue, New York: Christmas Utopias
Tiffanys, 5th Avenue, New York: Christmas 2017 
Tiffanys, 5th Avenue, New York: Christmas 2017 

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Luxe Travel: Dior, Hermes & Fortnum & Mason, London 2017

Luxury Travel features in the window concepts of many exclusive brands this Christmas. Whether its inter-galatic space travel at Hermes, mediative hot air ballooning at Dior, or nostalgic fun with Fortnum & Mason's Christmas rocket, the forward-thinking conscious traveller now drives the desire for experiential vacations and meaningful journeys. 

Dior, Bond Street, London 
Hermes, Bond Street, London
Hermes, Bond Street, London
Hermes, Bond Street, London 
Fortnum & Mason, Piccadilly, London

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Chelsea In Bloom: Hackett, Smythson, Kiki McDonough, Poetry & Tom Davies, 2017

Chelsea is in Bloom Safari Floral themed displays transform this London high street into an exotic floral paradise. Hackett win Best Floral Display and use the full height of their store front to capture the jungle atmosphere. Smythson and Kiki McDonough were Highly Commended and Poetry won Silver medal. My personal favourite is Tom Davies Opticians; the amazing use of colour and repetition make this the most Innovative display.

Tom Davies, Sloane Square, London 2017
Smythson, Sloane Street, London 2017
Hackett, Sloane Street, London 2017 
Hackett, Sloane Street, London 2017
Poetry, Sloane Square, London 2017
Kiki McDonough, Sloane Sqaure, London 2017
Zebra Sculptures, Knightsbridge, London 2017

Thursday, 16 March 2017

VM Technology; Euro-Shop, Dusseldorf 2017

Barthelmess; Centre of Prototype

Barthelmess; Centre of Prototype

SFD & Lumico Design; Visual Merchandising VR Experience 
With technology and Visual Merchandising continually merging forces within retail spaces; this year Euro-Shop VM exhibitors featured some impressive digital product experiences ready to land in stores any day soon. Bonaveri Mannequins staged a hologram Tribe mannequin display on the ground floor of their architectural stand, Barthelmess created theatre inside a VM workshop set up which included a digital printing machine, SFD have developed virtual reality software with Lumico Design to experience store planning and window design on a virtual digital platform. 3D printing becoming the norm for super sized window and prop design as displayed by Sun 3D Print.

Bonaveri; Tribe Mannequins, Hologram
Bonaveri; Tribe Mannequins, Hologram
Sun 3D Print; Supersized Props
Sun 3D Print; Supersized Props

Saturday, 4 March 2017


Flowers Bloom on People, Transcending Boundaries, teamLab 2017
Universe of Water Particles, Transcending Boundaries, teamLab 2017
This revolutionary exhibition is the platform for a series of interactive digital installations by teamLab; exploring the notion in the mind of there being no boundaries between ideas and concepts, they are inherently ambiguous and influence and interact with each other. Boundaries are created when ideas and concepts are materialized in the real world. Within the digital domain, art is able to transcend physical and conceptual boundaries. Digital technology allows art to break free from the frame and go beyond the boundaries which separate each other. Elements from one work can fluidly interact with and influence elements of other works exhibited in the same space. In this way boundaries between art pieces dissolve. Universal themes such as ephemeral life, cycles of birth and death, physical interactions and continuous change are explored through multimedia immersive theatre.

Impermanent Life, Transcending Boundaries, teamLab 2017
Universe of Water Particles, Transcending Boundaries, teamLab 2017
Flowers Bloom on People, Transcending Boundaries, teamLab 2017
Dark Waves, Transcending Boundaries, teamLab 2017

Friday, 3 March 2017

Tube Shapes: Chanel, Joseph & Hermes, London 2017

Tube shapes are currently making an appearance in London's luxury fashion store windows; Joseph's primary coloured industrial structures make a fabulous striking scheme, whilst Chanel have unravelled space like silver funnels and Hermes have translated more traditional architectural columns into soft curved shapes.

Joseph; London 2017
Hermes; Bond Street, London 2017
Chanel; Bond Street, London 2017

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Burberry & Henry Moore Foundation; Makers House, London 2017

A celebration of the new Burberry February 2017 Collection alongside the work and creative process of the iconic artist who inspired it. The Burberry exhibition includes some of Henry Moore's most famous sculptures alongside his working models and maquette. This extraordinary exhibition allows the viewer close ups of Burberry's most innovative luxury bespoke pieces, curated within a beautiful narrative of Moore's creative process and influences.

The Cape Reimagined: Makers House Studios
Henry Moore, Sculpture Mother & Child 1983 
Henry Moore's Artist Studio Tools
Burberry: The Cape Reimagined
Burberry February Collection 2017
The Poster Gallery

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Top 10 Christmas Windows: London 2016

Hermes; Christmas London 2016 
Gucci, Sloane Street; Christmas 2016
Harrods, Burberry, London; Christmas 2016
Coach, Bond Street, London Christmas 2016
Belstaff, Bond Street, London Christmas 2016
Louis Vuitton, Bond Street, London Christmas 2016
Moncler, Bond Street, London Christmas 2016 
Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge, London, Christmas 2016 
Debenhams, Oxford Street, London, Christmas 2016
Selfridges, Oxford Street, London, Christmas 2016